The right thing to do

A return of Taliban control in Afghanistan means at least four things:
  • A resurgence of Taliban supported terrorism against the people of the United States.
  • Deadly retaliation against Afghans who helped American forces in the fight against the Taliban.
  • ​Continuing war crimes committed by the Taliban's extremist leadership.
  • An imminent return to severe persecution against ethnic and religious minorities, an end to the rights of girls and women, and a conclusion to any hope for Afghan freedom and democracy.

We, the undersigned, demand that President Biden's Administration and Congressional leaders act immediately to ...

  • ​PROTECT America's homeland against Taliban retaliation by giving the Afghan army the modest support they need to continue their fight against the Taliban.
  • ​SUPPLY the parts and supplies the Afghan security forces need to provide adequate air support.
  • ​PROVIDE supplementary air support to Afghan forces fighting to defeat Taliban militants.
  • ​KEEP a small number of troops in Afghanistan to protect the maintenance personnel and supplies Afghanistan's air forces require. 
  • ​GRANT immediate asylum to those Afghans, and their immediate family members, who risked their lives to help America and protect U.S. forces during our war against the Taliban.


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